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Hermeto Pascoal  - Brazil

"João Pedro is one of those musicians that are born ready; he is one of the greatest musicians that I've ever met! He has a marvelous sensibility and breadth! He masters his instrument as very few are able! And above all else, he first feels the music in order to grasp and understand it later! João Pedro Teixeira is a universal musician by nature!" Hermeto Pascoal, Brazil

Oswaldinho do Acordeon - Brazil


"These days it's rare to see a young musician with such intimacy with the accordion. Note, if you will, the arrangements, improvisations, and stage presence of this marvelous and creative accordionist!" Oswaldinho do Acordeon, Brazil                                                                  

Paolo Gandolfi - Italy


"João Pedro is the most complete accordionist that I've ever met! His pieces are of rare beauty and good taste, in addition to their great creativity and technical challenges! With this in mind, not just any musician will be able to play them because one needs to have special attentiveness and interpretation!" Paolo Gandolfi,Italy

Servais Haanen - Netherlands


"The intimacy between him and his instrument, his arrangements and improvisations are very touching! João Pedro is already a legendary Brazilian accordionist like Hermeto Pascoal, Sivuca, Osvaldinho do Acordeon, e Domingunhos." Servais Haanen, Netherlands                                                                                                                                               

Jünguer Aberer - Germany


"A soulful composer is the Brazilian João Pedro Teixeira. He is true master of the
accordion who combines the uplifting rhythm of forró and of Bossa Nova with the passion of
milonga and tango." Jünguer Aberer, Germany

Carlo Alberto Neri - Italy


"João Pedro communicates so well; playing with eyes closed and much soul. This genuine approach, as it's said here in Italy, is very genuine and spontaneous. He's not just technically agile, he is also very professional and his gift is to deliver the music from his heart. This is very important, essential! That's how a musician should be! Not simply playing and waiting for applause. No! For João Pedro, music is an emotion that he needs to convey, and from there comes everything else! When I feel such sincerity, I believe the world will be his!" Carlo Alberto Neri, Italy                                                                                                                       

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