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João Pedro Teixeira is one of the most brilliant musicians of the new Brazilian and world music scenes. Composer, arranger and award-winning instrumentalist, the accordionist is known as a virtuoso.
With a very particular way of playing his two accordions (piano and eight-bass diatonic), the protegé of Hermeto Pascoal has his musical foundation in global music along with regional, erudite, jazz, forró and choro.
João Pedro performs in many formats. These include solo, duo, with string quintets, and as a soloist in symphony orchestras. He also accompanies a variable mix of instruments and string orchestras. His presentations are highly versatile and of extreme quality. He has worked with renowned musicians, including Hermeto Pascoal, Dominguinhos, Oswaldinho do Acordeon, Paolo Gandolfi, Miquèu Montanaro, and Wagner Tiso, among others.


Joao Pedro has participated in various musical festivals, including:
Jazz à Porquerolles - France.
Festival La Pamparina - Thiers, France.
Internationales Akkordeon Festival / Akkordeonale - Germany and Austria.
Monterchi Festival - Arezzo, Italy.
House Concert Festival - Bergamo BG, Italy.
1st International Jazz Day - Florianópolis, Brazil.
Nu Jazz Festival - Curitiba, Brazil.
34th Londrina Music Festival - Londrina, Brazil.
10th Ponta Grossa Music Festival - Ponta Grossa, Brazil.
28th, 34th and 36th Curitiba Music Workshop - Curitiba, Brazil.

Here are some highlights in his career:
2016 - Soloist in 'Sinfonia em Quadrinhos' (Cartoon Symphony), by Hermeto Pascoal, who shared the stage with Joao and the Symphony Orchestra of Parana. While touring in Italy he was invited to compose a tribute to Castello di Canossa, where he returned to perform the piece with the Torino String Quintet.

 2018 - Contributed as a resident of the Chateau de Goutelas in southern France, where he was invited to compose a tribute to that castle. The resulting piece was entitled 'From Adamas to Duke', and it is divided into four movements, each representing a period of the castle's beautiful history:
1st Movement - Origin / 2nd Movement - Rebirth / 3rd Movement - Revolution / 4th Movement -
Second Rebirth. After its live performance along with the Torino String Quintet, the artists earned a standing ovation.The original music sheets remain at the chateau for the public view. 

 Joao Pedro continues to perform at several concert halls in Brazil and in Europe, carrying his inspiring and heartfelt music as he goes. 

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