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Teaser CD Universalizando o Acordeon

Teaser CD Universalizando o Acordeon

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Containing 14 unpublished songs of Hermeto Pascoal and in a process of creation and momentary arrangements of the own Hermeto and João Pedro Teixeira, the result was beyond the expected by the musicians!
The rich sonority of the accordion, explored to the maximum by João Pedro, allied to the genius of Hermeto, by itself already gives the guarantee of quality expected by any connoisseur of good instrumental music, but surprising by the beauty of the themes, by the treatment given to each one of the songs with irreverent but sensitive harmonies, sublime melodies and engaging rhythms!
In order to have the dimension of the originality and musicality of the work, in one of the tracks 21 acordeons are recorded by João Pedro, in a play written and arranged by Hermeto for Symphony.
Even the percussions are made with the accordion at the request of the master who, incredibly, seems to know what the accordion is capable of offering!
One of the concerns of João Pedro and Hermeto is to make music reach the most varied audience, with no preconceptions with simplicity or complexity, just letting the music flow and follow its course naturally.

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